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IMG_0259We check In each Monday here to give each other support and encouragement to work in those writing projects we might otherwise put off. Everyone is invited to join us by including below a brief comment about what you’re working on today. Afterward, please let us know how it went. If you can’t make it at 10 a.m., leave your comments when you can, before you start, by the Study Hall post dated today. Better late than never, better now than not at all!

Simone the Yorkie says, “We’re here for you!

Short Stories Should Work Toward the Mysterious? 

Short stories are still very hard for me to write, which is why I keep trying to write them. This interview with Joy Williams I found very challenging. In fact, I’m not sure that I understood a word she said at an operational level. Which is why I will try a few of her tips and see if they help me with this obstinate (for me) genre. 

What do you think of her advice and comments in the interview? 

Joy Williams on writing short stories

Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, July 18: Weather (and other stuff) Happens

Hi, All, 

Kansas weather in the summer is like a melting Popsicle struck by lightening. Kinsley, where I am at present, is the exact middle of the country, which means every weather system that is produced anywhere on the continent at least has an intention to make it thus far, and many do. 

This is my way of saying, today I am in fibromyalgia hell, and thus late with everything. In fact, I’m still in bed and I write you from my cosy sheets and blankets. (One of the side effects is I’m freezing in the middle of a heat spell.)  

 But I will STILL get hands on my manuscript today, and I urge you to do the same. Because that’s what successful writers do. We are the creative equivalent of the postal service: Gotta do it, no matter what. Or, you can take a tip from the crows, who have all that corn to steal, and never quit. 

Of course, now and then life throws us a curve, but if we’re ready to write everyday, we should be able to write MOST days. And that’s all we need to get things done.

Love and respect to you from the middle of the country. Now, ready, set, GO. 

Always, Glenda

Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, July 11,2016: Express Yourself

Hello, everyone! Are you ready for the next step in your writing? 

Samantha and I are in the hospital for minor surgery, but we are talking writing and I’m ready to fill my waiting time with work on the new novels. See us preparing to work below?

The novel is largely set in a bookstore and today I’m amping up the descriptions. One fun background motif for the store is the two cats who languish and play there: Ishtar the Luxurious and Jericho the Magnificent. They are cool observers of the passions going on around them. 

Whatever you’re writing today, I hope you have as much fun expressing your self as my cousin did in the photo at the top of this post. 

As always, let us know what your goal is today, and how it’s gone.

Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, July 4th, 2016: The Season of Generosity

  What, me take a day off? If only my brain would. Alas, it pours out ideas at the least opportune times, such as in the middle of family dinner–a prime source of inspiration, family–or in the doctor’s waiting room. What if my calm, sensible doctor met my wildly dramatic cousin at a beachside bar? That sort of thing.

It’s hard not to be distracted I. This season of abundance–more daylight, more time to travel, and the berries! 

Nevertheless, I find it easier to write knowing I can squeeze in chores before or after, take my walks early or late, and still have time yo watch the sunset.
Today, I’m going yo be refining the plot of my next novel, as some big revisions need to be made. And in between, there will be time for good food, watching fireworks, and maybe even a movie.
Happy Fourth, you Americans, joyous summer to all in the Northern hemisphere, and love to all ! 


Ten Reasons to Order It’s Not Like I Knew Her, right now! 

In an ascending order, of sorts: 

10. You like to feel so deeply embedded in a place like Northwest Florida that your skin sweats mosquitos and fried fish and sun sinking into the bay. 

9. You live to read about someone who desperately wants to rise above her circumstances by a writer like Pat Spears, who knows every inch of human longing. 

8. You really care about all the ways there are to love and to be loved by flawed, precious, exasperating  


7. You really love a heroine who cusses, and drinks whiskey, lies, steals, and loves so deeply you can feel her teeth ache with longing. Jodie Taylor is her name, and she will live right in between your breaths as you read this book. 

6. You can’t get enough of exquisitely fashioned sentences that make your heart leap. I could give you examples, but one can’t copy nearly the whole book here. 

5. Thinking about why the world is, in all its sorry, glorious variety, is something you crave, and you leap at the chance to read a writer who makes you think.

4. You are, or know someone who is, “peculiar,” and you long to understand their/your world better. 

3. You have waited years to find another book that does not assume that LGBT is an identity that should only concern those who live within its circle. Yes, that rare.

2. You want to watch a writer transcend good to greatness. If you read Spears’ first published novel, Dream Chaser, and thought it was great, now watch her hit the stratosphere. 

1. You have a spot on your bookshelf waiting for a novel that truly inspires. 

Yes, I’m not kidding, this is Spears stepping up to a dais of writers who can deal with hard truths by wringing our hearts out, then showing us a glimmer of hope. Dorothy Allison comes to mind, Annie Proulx, Toni Morrison–, oh, just go order it. Now, before it sells out and you have to wait for the next printing. Because it will. Oh, yes, it will. 

Order it at Twisted Road Publications 

All set to write!

Thanks to my friends at Cup o’ Jones in Dodge City who give me a cozy corner, make a great Chai Latte, and stock gluten free bread for their marvelous breakfast sandwiches. I know, it’s not an attic or a lonely cottage by the sea, but it works for me. Cafe Day is on! 

Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, June 27, 2016: You’re Amazing! 

Really! I’ve never met a writer who wasn’t amazing. 

I met a few I didn’t like very much, like the guy who sat in the back of the critique group and made negative comments about everyone else’s work, but didn’t bring any of his own; or the woman who refused to write about the object she had chosen to bring to one of my workshops and didn’t like any of the alternatives I suggested. Here’s the thing: I have a habit of turning people who give me a hard time into characters in my stories and novels, sending them “Bless your heart” mental vibes as I try to write what I think motivates such behavior. Move past the irritation, I keep telling myself, and get to the root. And you know what? They turn out to be amazing, like Mr. Snape. Naughty characters are so much more interesting than Goody Two-Shoes. Some people have a hard time admitting they’re having a hard time, so they pass it along to everyone else. Does that make sense?

Which brings me to Monday’s, and why I love them. Because YOU are all amazing in the best ways: complex, brave-hearted, and interesting. After all, you came here to my blog knowing I would say to you something like this:
It’s the handling problems that makes you amazing, you see. You’re here to get something done. 

Today, I’m reconciling some changes I unwittingly made on two different documents, becaus I was in a rush and did not label them properly. Oh, yes, I did that. I work so hard to keep revisions on one master copy but last week I flubbed it. That’s my issue for today, and I will handle it and move on.

What’s your issue? Anything you need help with? Give us a clue in the comments section below, and we’ll do our best to help out. Things moving along swimmingly? Do your Monday morning thing and Launch! 

Love and out.

Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, June 20, 2016: Outlasting the Blue Meanies

I’ve been under attack lately from the Blue Meanies. No, not the band, the illicit drug, or the digestive disorder, but literally by the music-hating misanthropists of Yellow Submarine fame. 

Look at the photo below. Remind you of anyone? But The One Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned (Lest He Get a Thrill) is only a cypher, a stand-in for others who hate or can’t appreciate the beautiful music of being alive. Music like that reverberating in Pulse the moment before the world was shattered. 
Events like those around us now can really disarrange creative plans, and that is certainly the case for me. I’ve found it hard to concentrate, to produce what I’ve intended. So I’ve decided to turn and face the strain, as another rocker suggested. I’ll write myself out of this case of the Blue Meanies by writing about it. I don’t know if whatever I produce will see the light of day, but it will, if all goes as I hope, serve the purpose of letting me push through this cranial backlog so that I can get on with things, back to the projects I’ve been pursuing. If the product is worthwhile, so be it.

So those are my plans for the day. What are yours? Please share. Meanwhile, here, in the photo montage below, are some other reasons I’ve been facing the blues. I don’t want to forget them. Most of all, they are part of the reason to do what I do. 


Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, June 6, 2016: Halcyon Days

Good morning! 

Perhaps the date is different wherever you are, but here in North America, early June days are about as perfect as a day can get. The weather is not yet intensely hot, but pleasantly warm, so that one can go about barefooted and bare armed without a care for layers of protection. Roadside stands blossom and supermarkets are aisles of delight; it’s as if the whole world is fruiting and blooming to provide for and entice us. 

Just as a plum can reach perfection in its development, our work can also come to fruition from all our months of preparation. I’m working hard to bring one novel into just that exquisite state. There’s more to do. Still, things are flowing well and it feels like the end is in sight. 

So many things we take on faith; one of them is that, if we keep shaping and honing our sentences, paragraphs, and chapters, we’ll reach a real state of cohesion that represents the best we can do. 

I hope that state is near for you with at least one project. If not, I wish you strong faith that you are on your way to fulfillment. 

On our way to completion we all need a word of encouragement and hope. 

Please, if you read these words, leave me a bit of feedback in the comments section below. Tell me what you are doing with your work, and, I promise, I will reply. 

That is how we feed each other. 

That is our article of faith here at Weaver’s Knot, as surely as we all take spring as a sign of the bounty to come. 


Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, May 30, 2016: You’re Elected 

So what are your Memorial Day plans? Will you be grilling? Parading? Visiting a gravesite? 

Whatever your plans, I hope you make time also for some wool-gathering, some relaxing, and some work on your writing, as well. 

After all, if the writers don’t stop to smell the flowers . . .  

Check out those blooms! (Blooms?) Photo by Anna Smith

. . . if we don’t notice and chronicle the details . . .  

Catch all the action! Photo by Anna Smith

. . . who will? 
Today I’m trying to finish a short story for an anthology by Romani women writers that I’m quite excited about. I need to deepen the point of view with some internal bits and underscore the main idea with more description. 

What are you working on? 


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