So you thought I was conservative, did you?

No, I'm foursquare for progress and moving forward. Humans have a destiny in the stars. We won't get there by hoarding pennies and shoving each other at the trough.

Biden was my first choice for president. He left the race. Clinton was my next choice. I like policy wonks. She lost. Then it was Obama.

Okay. Don't like the man personally. We met when I was Chair of the Illinois NOW PAC while he was running for Bobby' Rush's seat in Congress. He was condescending, rude, arrogant, and downright uncooperative, turning his back on me as I introduced myself when he came to ask for an endorsement. Before that, there was his treatment of Alice Palmer in the Senate race–rough, disrespectful, unnecessary. The party would have found another seat for him if he had stepped back for Palmer after Jesse Jackson, Jr., pulled a fast one and opposed her for Congress, filing at the last minute so she couldn't gracefully step out. It was a one-two punch by "the guys" to a woman who was a fabulous public servant and highly regarded by everyone but them.

As a state senator and when I was President of Illinois NOW, Obama never cooperated with our lobbying efforts. Those present votes were his attempt to avoid being labeled. Everyone in Springfield knew he had his sights set on federal office. At least the Senate, if not the presidency.  And "change"? Please! He has been in the pocket of the Chicago machine almost since his advent in public office.

So it did not surprise me when Obama's campaign stoked the sexist treatment shown towards Clinton by the news media. Did she lose because of sexism? Only partly, and some of that issued from events beyond Obama's control, back when she was labeled a "radical feminist" because of her comment about baking cookies. Hillary as divisive and a witch? Right wing talking points, repeated ad nauseam and riffed on continually by certain members of the media and Obama supporters. Whom he could have made some effort to control and whom the party should have condemned. Part of her loss, maybe the bigger part, was because she ran a lousy campaign and did not realize that old party stalwarts like Tom Daschle  would take their animus towards her husband out on her.

I could say so much more on that, but back to the case at hand.

Obama or McCain? No contest! Why? I also like my presidents smart and open to the world and at least able to see people's misfortunes. Obama is all that. The South Side of Chicago is a real place, where people have been hurting for a long time. And he picked Biden for VP! That made me a happy camper.

So now I hope with all my heart to see President Obama, Michele and those two lovely little girls in the White House. Because that way lies progress, a balm for people's pain, a more reciprocal view of the world, some hope that we will not strangle life on earth, and a pathway to the stars.

Below is my view of the best that can happen with the Electoral College this year. Everything hinges on Ohio and Florida, and either New Mexico or Colorado. They lose both the big states and one of those two little states, and they lose the presidency.

Wish hard! Work if you can. I am sidelined by injuries this year, confined to all but a minimal role. But I can write this blog.

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