Rahm Emanuel–tough, profane, snarky, aggressive–bring it on! 

President-Elect Obama is going to need a million enforcers. Here in northeast Florida, the hostility took us by surprise. 

Obama is going to bring communism to America.
He's going to kill us all in our sleep. 

The stalkers will not have a hard time revving up that crowd. Every partisan disagreement will be Armageddon. Emanuel is the least we need.

In fact, rather than celebrating, I think we should be arming for battle. Not by keeping our tempers on the trigger, or drawing up enemies lists, but by paying very close attention, marshaling our arguments, getting in the habit of writing letters to the editor.

Our local paper, the day after the election, published as it's sole article on the election a collection of short interviews with local black leaders and a photo of Black youngsters waving Obama signs. Nice, huh? Showing what it means to the Black community?

But what does it say about Obama's support? That he's the President only for Blacks? That no white member of the community or other people of color supported him? Where was the cheering all-white crowd I observed at a local restaurant?

This county went 60-40 for McCain. What that article and photo says here about Obama is different than what it might mean in, say, Miami. In fact, I'll bet in Miami it was noted that Obama's supporters came form across the color spectrum. As was clear by watching the crowd in Chicago's Grant Park.

The best thing we can do for Obama is to start working on that Beloved Community. Now.

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