Friends in Touch? That would require time!

In casual conversation, mentioning what I am writing often brings a chorus of "I want to read that!" My friends and I are always lamenting the fact that we have a hard time keeping up with each other. Blogging, I thought, would be the perfect solution. I could write a little about what I'm doing in daily life and also about what I'm writing, and alert people to where my work and I are appearing, and everyone could just check in now and then and see what's happening. And, of course, my friends would create their own blogs and I would check in with them. Well, I do just that. At least once a month or so, I check in with my friends who blog and sometimes–not always-–leave them messages.

Comments on my blog? Zero. Now, come on, folks, I'm not that boring! Leave me a message. At least let me know you found the blogs!

Is this social networking all about getting attention, or is it about getting in touch? Maybe that's one of the significant questions of our time–after all, we're all writing a lot on public sites for some reason. First, I'll have to answer that question for myself.

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