So I'm in a dressing room preparing to try on a lovely sunset pinks paisley shawl, to go with a beautiful plum velveteen dress  I bought (on deep discount) recently, when the cell phone rings. I'm urgently needed to listen to someone's terrible day. The fact that I do not say no is a measure of how close this person is to me. But when I check out I ask the salesclerk, "Why don't they have machines at the entrance that jam cell phone signals? Then we could shop in peace."

I go. I listen. I commiserate. Why? Because I know that if I needed him in the same way, he would come.

But it explains why this planned daily series is off track already.

It all went awry when my son decided to move 23 days before Christmas, and the whirl has not let up yet.

But I will keep trying not to let my need to be needed feed the frenzy.

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