Sometimes I just want to scream, "We live on a frigging ball in a sea of space where we cannot breathe, surrounded by planets that cannot sustain our life–let's get real, folks!"

Iran launches a satellite just after the Obama inauguration, to let us know it won't be long before they can fling a missle down our throats. Russia announces a new pact with its former republics to build a missile defense shield to counter the one we're building in Eastern Europe to counter Iran.

Meantime, the globe is melting and freezing and heating up in all the wrong places, even as we discover that a hiccup in our economy gives the world the flu, and carbon-based resources are almost on empty.

Salvation is out there . . . somewhere. Shouldn't we be exploring our options together, instead of threatening each other and vying for the paltry resources left on our little blue orb?

This is not naive–this is the plain truth. This species will only survive with cooperation and a much bigger view of the Universe.

I think we should have channels––radio and TV––and an Internet server that does nothing every day but blast pictures of our globe in space, followed by some really eye-opening charts about how far it may be to the next habitable planet, and a real-time read on all scarce resources. Someone has to blast that message big enough to get the world's attention.

I am off to explore the possibilities. Please join me if you have ideas.

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