Getting Our Mojo Back

I have often said, “I don’t have a Conservative bone in my body.” Recently I’ve found this not to be true. There is a tiny bone, located somewhere around my big toe, that twinges when it detects fiscal responsibility. 

Reciprocity works best between neighbors and so it does between citizen and government. Don’t give me back everything I pay in—I’m fine seeing some of it go to the seniors for a place to pass the time, to kids' lunches, for renewed habitats for eagles and wolves.


But when I give you the sweat of my brow, don’t give me back kids swilling cholesterol laden meals or seniors addled by bingo.  Don’t give the wolves a home, then tell me hunters will end their comeback.


No, offer belly dance and Sufism and poetry slams at the senior center, succulent apricots and cashews to bubbly eight-year-olds. Give the Badlands back to the wolves, let the ranchers adapt or move, and confine the tourists to a few overlooks.


I want excellence. I want reciprocity. I want everyone to get their mojo back. I want some progress for my money.

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