How I appreciate parents who teach their children how to act in museums. Today at the High in Atlanta, a young man approximately twelve years old walked up to stand between me and the Warhol I was contemplating. His gaze was aimed toward a painting on the wall at a ninety-degree angle from me. He stood there only a second before becoming aware of my presence. He murmured , “Oh, I’m sorry,” and immediately stepped out of my line of sight. No parents in sight, until a few seconds later, when his father and younger sister joined him. Hats off to him and his parents.

If they’d only been the parents of the children running in my hotel’s halls last night. . . .Or the thirty-year-olds in their party who were doing it in the hallway at three a.m.

Well, there you have it, the best and the worst manners in one day.

Happy New Year to us all!

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