Thank you notes

My friend, Darlyn Finch Kuhn, wrote a lovely note about Eve’s Garden on her web site, as we prepare to celebrate the publication of her own book, a terrific examination of loss and grief recovery called Sewing Holes. Her note includes my comments about her book. Please check them out, at the bottom of this post.

Writing thank you notes is a pleasure to me now, though I believe when I was younger I hated to write them as much as the next young person, thinking it was a distasteful task, an interruption to whatever fad my friends and I were obsessed with at the moment, or maybe a detour from the book I was then enjoying. Now, I realize that kindness and generosity are not the common currency of life, and maybe celebrating them is worth a moment’s distraction from my ongoing occupations.

Today, I also sent thank you notes to donors from the Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign that may, if successful, allow my friend Vadim Kolpakov and I to go on a tour that showcases Romani literature and music while acquainting audiences with the historical background that we hope will counter some of the crazy stereotypes one finds in popular culture (fortunetellers, tramps, and thieves, anyone?) Vadim and I have such fun together, playing, dancing, singing, and reading, that I really hope we will get to share this program.

At the very least, I have wonderful friends who have kindly supported my many projects. And that is no small potatoes.


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