Some thoughts that are still timely:

Weaver's Knot by Glenda Bailey-Mershon

Unknown-1    Putting myself on the road as an author fills me with panic at times.

I’ve done lot of readings over the years, so it’s no longer the public speaking that scares me so much. (Although my knees always shake before I stand before the microphone; I’ve learned that no one ever died from trembling knees.)

The media blitz for a book you’ve edited, like the Jane’s Stories anthologies. is not the same as putting yourself out there as the sole name on the front of the book. Yes, there’s been publicity and readings and interviews based on my poetry chapbooks, but, frankly, the audience for poetry is small and most poetry publishers don’t do a full court media press.

All that changes now. My publisher, Twisted Road, is as serious as the proverbial heart attack, and my editor will definitely push me to get out there and gather lots…

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