IMG_3546We check In each Tuesday here to give each other support and encouragement to work in those writing projects we might otherwise put off. Everyone is invited to join us by including below a brief comment about what you’re working on today. Afterward, please let us know how it went. If you can’t make it at 10 a.m., leave your comments when you can, before you start, by the Study Hall post dated today. Better late than never, better now than not at all!

6 responses to “STUDY HALL: Write with us, beginning each Tuesday at 10 a.m.!”

  1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Hi, Everybody. I’m a little late, but here I am. Will work for a bit on the second novel, set in Chicago, the one about the socially awkward bookseller and his equally awkward florist friend. Thanks to everybody who came out to our Skype conversation last week. It was terrific to hear about your projects. We talked about themes and subplots and secondary character development. Here’s to getting down the first draft, then re-shaping! That’s whereI am now. Good writing today, folks!


  2. Roberta (Bobbie) Avatar
    Roberta (Bobbie)

    So sorry I’ve missed 2 weeks already. Gradually getting less spacey. Surgeon says gen anesth “hangover” could last another week, just rest. Will try to join you next Mon.😟

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  3. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Hope you feel less spacey soon. Love you.


  4. Bobbi Avatar

    Distracted recently by my genealogy research, but Randi is always in the back of my mind. I just checked my horoscope, and also did something that I thought I might share, As a hint to prompt the day’s writing: I gave my main characters birthdates and therefore zodiac signs. Reading Randi’s today, I’m ready to tackle her latest frustration with her steady boyfriend’s behavior.not sure if I’ll get to it today, but the astrology column has been a fruitful resource.

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    1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

      Bobbi, I suppose any archetype would do, in addition to the zodiac. But that is one way to delineate characters, for sure.


      1. roberta bear Avatar
        roberta bear

        blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Thanks. I think I’m finally understanding how to use archetypes.

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