Write with Me! Study Hall, Monday, June 15

Take some time today to get something down–anything–for just two hours! After that, you can clean the cupboards and take the dog for grooming. Noting is more important than writing, except, maybe, the life of your child, parent, partner, or maybe even the cranky neighbor down the street–you decide about the latter.

If you can’t manage our traditional (We’ve been at this for weeks, now!) 10 a.m. till 12 noon, set aside two hours at any other time today to put your writing first. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy you did–I promise. Because, you see, you will not only have fulfilled your utilitarian purposes in this world, whatever those may be, but you will also have fulfilled a little part of your dream. Nothing is more important than your dreams! It’s arguable whether the world is improved by TCOB, but we can all think of dreamers who have done us some good!

Please leave us a note below about what dream you’re working on today!

3 responses to “Write with Me! Study Hall, Monday, June 15”

  1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    So busy today! But this morning I will slow down long enough to paste together some words about who Esther’s mother really is–not the face she presents to the world, but who she really is, the person behind the disappearing act.


  2. Roberta Bear Avatar
    Roberta Bear

    Sleepy or not, here I go! May divide 2 hrs into two 1-hour segments, cos’ I get hungry otherwise this early (for me). Continuing my saga of Randi, a low-angst not-me YA story set in mid-50s (very me).


    1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

      Go, Roberta! I like it that you’re on the West Coast, starting later. Makes it sorta like a relay race on Monday mornings. Or maybe I’m just adrenaline-pumped ’cause I added to Mama’s depiction as a devil-may-care marathon runner today. I can’t run any more, so this is one of my ways of remembering what it feels like to live so intimately with the wind, as in my running days.

      And i think you have a good idea about breaking up the sessions. I notice this year, particularly, that yoga alone is not keeping me limber, after all the sitting I’ve done as I write. So I’ve instituted a new regime of taking five minutes to move very hour, setting my Phone clock to remind me. Today I got up and did some more yoga and some twist and bends. My back does feel better! Good luck! Let us know how Randi is doing after today’s session.


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