Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, July 27,2015

Are you drunk with words? Then lose your inhibitions and get them all down on paper! 

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning–Yes, I usually schedule everything around Study Hall, but this one is with a specialist who was so hard to schedule, I had to take what I can get–so I won’t be around much this morning, but I have blocked off some time this afternoon to finish editing a story I intend for a contest. 

What are YOU working on today? Please leave us a note in the comment section below, and, later on, let us know how it went! We’re counting on you! 
Love and best wishes,

5 responses to “Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, July 27,2015”

  1. I’m here, will try to resume Randi’s tale, but still feeling some post-anesthesia grogginess, exacerbated by low-fluid diet I’m on until electrolyte re-test Wed. Will be glad when feeling “normal” again–?? Hoping all goes well for you, Glenda–maybe if I sit w/ ankles crossed?


  2. 90 mins later, finally able to load files and write! Laptop was left idle last 2 wks, so I had to navigate updates and alerts, restart, etc.


  3. Darn that Randi! She keeps pulling me in her direction when I think I know where I’m taking her! Gor a few pages done anyway. Need a break.

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