A brilliant, hard-hitting, and completely frank take on Europe’s Refuge Crisis

From Valeriu Nicolae:

We seem to forget that it was us, the Europeans, who created the migrant-sending states on the principle of Divide and Rule, throwing together people with a history of hatred for each other in the same nations. We supported insane despots, played the role of masters in a disgusting Game of Thrones, sold weapons, including chemical ones, and did whatever we could to maintain the flow of cheap oil and whatever other goods we needed to be comfortable. We had no regard for the consequences of these decisions in the countries we created.


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  1. Excellent. Thanks for the lead. A few days ago Al-Jazeera (English) said it was going to stop referring to the refugees as “migrants.” Good for them. The New York Times and the many other news media that keep referring to “migrants” are in serious denial.



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