Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, August 31, 2015

Did your mother, like mine, tell you never to draw attention to yourself? Well, of course, she was right. None of us likes someone who always needs to be the center of attention. (Especially that orange-haired bloke whose name shall not be mentioned.) Maybe in the days of reality TV certain people garner a lot of idle talk, but I’d rather my name be spoken with respect. But back to mother’s advice. 

She was right, except when it comes to writing–or any other passionate pursuit, for that matter. Sometimes you have to give it your all, go for it with gusto, and the page is a place where you can leave it all–emotion, color, absolute abandon. The wonderful thing is that in the editing stage you can always dial it back, if necessary, but few writers died saying, I sure wish I had written with less passion. So, just for today, go for the glory. Take up every inch of space. Make love to that page. I double-dare you. 

And what would passion be without gossip? Tell us all about it in the comments, below. 

The page is the right place to show off

13 responses to “Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, August 31, 2015”

  1. My mother wore many disapproving expressions to let me know when I was showing off, acting prissy, or (always) disappointing her. That led me to wear bright blue eyeshadow and jade eyeliner at the family breakfast table, figuring if I was going to wear the name I might as well play the game. Today, Mother (long deceased) exists in the form of the voice in my head that says, “Writing of all things! What a waste of time. Have you even made your bed yet?” Yes, Mother, I’ve made my bed and now I’ll enjoy lying in it. I call it free writing. Free. Writing. Bliss.

    So glad to have found your site, Glenda (thanks to Meg Sefton).

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    • Welcome, Beth! There are a lot of introverts-turned-rebels in the writing profession, I’m sure, and parental disapproval is as good an excuse as any to hang around in our pajamas searching for the elusive phrase. Here I hope you’ll find all of the approval you need–especially for that jade eyeliner. Let us know what you’re working on and we’ll be your cheering section. Meg is the best, isn’t she?

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  2. Computer issues preventing writing—Aargh! Guess I’m going shopping. But will keep trying to advance Randi’s various romantic escapades.


  3. Still working on Randi-she’s managed to get herself invited to her first high school dance by a pair of brothers AND to a party by her first crush/first kiss who’s an upperclassman at a rival high school.


  4. Though my mother watched how I spoke and when I spoke in front of others, it was my father who let all three daughters soar! Now it is up to me to be disciplined and work at my writing. Thanks Glenda for all your encouragement!


    • We are long-time sister travelers, aren’t we, Chobhi? Anytime I can help, I’m happy to. It’s so critical at least one parent gives us permission to soar. Otherwise, we spend our lives trying to love ourselves into flight.


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