Happy Labor Day! 


6 responses to “Happy Labor Day! ”

  1. mrscrotty Avatar

    Happy Labor Day, Glenda! Am working, as I often do, but less today, so I hope to write something. Don’t know what i”ll write about as yet–often don’t. See you later! jk


  2. Roberta Bear Avatar
    Roberta Bear

    Happy Labor Day! Due to holiday mood and even more the gravitational pull of TV today–US Open, Andy and Isner and Fed…–anyway, am rescheduling writing to tomorrow a.m., although I’ve been writing in my head Randi’s first phone call from “first kiss”, so we’ll see…


  3. Trippmadam Avatar

    To you, too. Over here, labor day is on the 1rst of May.


  4. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Thanks, Tripp Madam. A whole different meaning and history behind the two, but maybe to the working people it all means the same–a day off.


  5. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Jane and Roberta, so proud of both of you for keeping the spirit of our little tradition here! Bobbie, my unsolicited advice is not to wait too long to get down the gist of those ideas floating in your head. Sometimes I lose great work by not stopping to write it down, thinking of course I’ll remember, and then–oops! So now I take down at least the key words and word order that I think will trigger me again, and then go back to what I’m doing. Today, what I’m doing is lying in my pajamas with my iPad in front of the TV, saying, ooh, my head hurts–sinus infection. But, Bobbie, I think I’ll join you tomorrow if I can. Onward, my friends and sister writers!


    1. Roberta Bear Avatar
      Roberta Bear

      Ah, Glenda–great minds think alike! My experience exactly, so I’ve learned to jot a note to self. Had a head-hurting day, too, but from overstressed neck muscles. Anyway, I’m at it today, with Randi’s first adolescent blow-up at her parents, all about the first kiss boy, of course (He’s 2 yrs older, my God!)

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