My husband and I have a private joke that he can move any conversation to the topic of sports with one sentence. He probably thinks I can do the same with politics, but is much too nice to say it.  

 However, what my dearheart excels at is understanding metaphor, whether it’s the visual references in painting or the much bigger picture of how this civilization of ours functions. Going to an art museum with him is heaven; so is sitting around with a couple of glasses of wine and chewing the fat. The fact that I refuse to watch sports with him probably makes me less than his dream date, but, then, I’m good at producing game day food. 

One of his insights lately was finding this marvelous writer who is a former sports journalists, and, boy, does she have some thing to say, and she does it with clarity and gusto. Here’s a quote from one of her essays about why we need more women who speak up and out in popular music:

“We can’t force bravery and truth, but we need to try to get more of it out there. When we do great things, we want people to know about it to inspire others – even if it is just one other person. Shouldn’t we feel the same about the shitty stuff? Shouldn’t we want people to know about it to save someone else – even if it is just one person? Come back, Dixie Chicks.”

So now that I have managed that trifecta of sports, writing, and the Dixie Chicks and you’ve read the quote, you want to read it, don’t you? Here’s the link:

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