Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, October 12, 2015


  I love these Ancient Greek banquetters from the Louvre. They remind me that writing, in my opinion, should be a conversation, whether it is with ourselves, our readers, or our favorite writers, but there should be a purpose for every manuscript, a dialogue in which THIS is out answer. My latest book is part of my internal and external conversations about greed among humans. What is yours about?  

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  1. Bobbi/Bobbie

     /  October 12, 2015

    Checking in. Same old same old continuing today.


  2. I can’t write at all today; my mental state is extremely low, and i must take care of myself. Good luck to the rest of ye, all the best.


  3. Uh-oh, Randi! Good tension point, Bobbie. I, of course, got nothing done, as the movers came and dumped about thirty boxes in front of my desk and another fifty or so scattered in front of every comfortable seat in the house. However, I will not be foiled forever! I’ll manage to carve out some writing space in the next day or so.


  4. Writing, trying to get things into place now with the end of one book and the beginning of another. It should be interesting.



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