Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, October 19, 2015


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Good morning! Are you ready to tackle that writing project? I know I am roaringly hungry to get back to writing. Unfortunately, I have to cut my session a bit short today to make room for that other fall constant in my life, physical therapy. I get so creaky when the weather changes that it’s necessary to see the therapist to get a read on the current state of my spine and joints, in hopes we can short circuit any really severe problems as the weather gets more challenging. Having a spinal compression fracture this summer isn’t making this season any easier–but, hey, it always beats the alternative. Come to think of it, there are things we can do to tune up our writing, too, from keeping a running reading-dialogue with authors who challenge us, to keeping our goals in mind for each piece. The accompanying graphic today gives you a target length for various forms you may be writing. However, keep in mind these are only targets! There are 13,000 word short stories and 50,000 word novels and–well, you know about War and Peace. 
Let us know in the comments below what you’ll be writing today, and don’t forget to come back later and let us know how it went. We’ll be waiting! 

5 responses to “Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, October 19, 2015”

  1. Anybody else out there? Continuing Randi saga today: missed curfew, school begins, family moving up–from “Virgin Brain” to suddenly juggling multiple boys, et c. It’s getting complicated but we know where we’re going.


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