Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, November 9


Good morning! Hope your day is starting well and that you’re settling in to write your heart out. I am on the road with the little doggie and the Former Jock on our way to Kansas to visit our son and his fiancée. 

So today my writing will be note taking as I go on developmental points for the second novel, which is on third draft.  I have some holes to fill and a new character to thread into a few scenes. (Funny; in my first novel I was throwing characters out becaus early readers were confused by a huge family. This time, I’m adding a major character in to a barebones story and beefing up the roles of a couple of secondary characters.) I love how secondary characters can serve as a counterpoint, a spotlight, even a Greek chorus to the main action. Developing those secondary roles is one of the most pleasurable parts of novel-writing to me. 
Soon I hope to get together online with some of you Study Hall folks. Let me get to Kansas and check the lay of the land. I’ll be settling in for a longish visit and I hope to have a great setup so we can meet via video conference to chat a bit longer about developing our current works. 

Love to you all. Write it fiercely! (Yes, even the tender scenes. Especially the tender scenes. More on that later.)

And why is that chick up top? To remind us all that chicken grow into many colors, and so can our words. Remember to use the most colorful, flavorful, scented, auditory, textured words you can to give us the full picture. When we use all five senses in a scene, it sticks in our memory with its full impact. 

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  1. Linda Mowry

     /  November 9, 2015

    Thanks for the encouragement. I now wonder how to fit 5 senses into a haiku. I’m glad you and the kids will get to be together. And enjoy the road trip!

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  2. Roberta

     /  November 9, 2015

    Unable to write until my new PC and software are here and ready to use — 7-10 days. Today/ This week I’m researching software, reviewing notes, and cleaning my office.

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  3. What a great idea! I have my grandchildren here a that hour, but if I didn’t I would definitely join in.



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