Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, April 4, 2016: Workout for Writers

As I’ve mentioned before, I think physical activity is helpful to writing. Something about coming into rhythm with one’s own body seems to help one find the rhythm in words, the tempo of a story, the pattern of a novel, and so much more. 

 But there’s another kind of workout we must do, and that is turning out the sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters of our projects at hand. Doing that, much like going to the gym, is a matter of disassociation, as my brother-on-law said to me this week about his swim practices: here I am putting on my workout shoes, picking up my gym bag, funding my keys, going out the door. 

Today,turn out your sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, whatever you can manage, knowing it’s a part of a practice that will send you in toward yourself. 

I’m laced up. How about you? Good luck! 

2 responses to “Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, April 4, 2016: Workout for Writers”

  1. Bobbi Avatar

    Ah, me, hubris–after my lofty goal, two months of distractions …some fun, like a long Valentine’s Day weekend babysitting my granddaughters in San Diego. Others not so–a bad virus that settled in my chest and made it impossible to talk, i.e., dictate, two words without a coughing fit, and leaving me breathless for about 6 weeks. My sister Marlene just left after 3 weeks of distracting sick me with old movies and TV. And for the last couple of weeks, fun or not, physical therapy for my arthritic knees, including a couple of hours of home exercises daily. I have been able to read, however, and am having fun learning about vaudeville in my mysterious grandmother’s era. And in recent days I’m finally making progress on Randi’s tale. About 850 words today, and eager to get back to it tomorrow. Thanks again, Glenda–luvya for poking me weekly.

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    1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

      Happy to hear from you! That’s a long list of distractions. Sometimes all you can do is hold on and wait for the fog to lift. Glad you and Randi are back in the game.


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