Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, April 25, 2016: Sweet Dreams and Silly Memes

Good morning? How are all you writing peeps today? 

I had a great night’s sleep. Besides catching Zzzs, I woke up with a brand new solution for a roadblock in my third novel–and I actually remembered it all. This is very exciting. I often wake up with new ideas that I vaguely realize grew out of a dream, but this is the first time I remember an entire plot development, encompassing some four or so scenes, that I remember in detail. And it makes sense–not a puzzling segue in the lot.

So here I go, off to see if I can get it down on paper this morning. What are you working on? 

Oh, and first I need to write a letter to a friend that’s been simmering for weeks–a sweet note, I hope, to someone I adore. 

As for the silly meme, here’s my attempt, from me to you:

  Happy writing! 


6 responses to “Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, April 25, 2016: Sweet Dreams and Silly Memes”

  1. I hope your note to your friend will be received well. I had a similar problem last week: I had to write to someone I met through twitter, but never saw. We have been joking and teasing each other, and also discussing serious topics. So, when I decided to send him an e-mail, I was aware it had to be worded carefully. Today, I received an answer which was much nicer than I had expected.

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    • That’s a wonderful reward! My friend is so kind, I’m sure she’ll be nice, even if my handwriting slants oddly in the page and I’ve messily crossed out words. That’s the best part of writing to someone who’s already a friend. But making a new friend like your Twitter pal–a rare pleasure, indeed.

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  2. In a genealogical frenzy today, pursuing two newly-discovered, significant and intriguing pieces of info about my mysterious grandmother.
    Tomorrow thru Thurs are devoted to Randi’s story.
    Glad to know your dreams are so helpful.

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