Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, May 15, 2016: The Day’s Not Over Yet

Well, we’ve had a bit of a day here, from runaway dogs to lawyer calls to a kidnap attempt, well, no, that last was a fabrication, but you get by drift. So if you haven’t put in your writing time today, like me, don’t despair. We can do it together.

I will write at last one page–it’s late, and I’m tired–before bed tonight. And, tomorrow, I’ll post a bit of it here to show you. Deal? 

Okay. Ready, set–go, whenever you can. 
 Then we can all relax, like this doggie: 

7 responses to “Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, May 15, 2016: The Day’s Not Over Yet”

  1. Mon. physical therapy and errands, after a Very Busy previous weekend followed by recent relaxed one, kept me from writing yesterday, but boy did it pour out today! Again.

    Randi is finding her way between hanging on to an attractive but possessive steady boyfriend and confronting his unwarranted jealousy at her being friends with guys who don’t make her heart flutter–at least not as much, and not right now. Remembering and creating these relationships is such fun. Still awed at how my brain does this (??!!). 750 words today and looking forward to more tomorrow.

    Hope you got some rest.

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