Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, May 23, 2016: An Old Friend Sends a Report

To use writing software or not? Many friends have tried it over the years and I must say none of their reports have encouraged me to try it. Certainly one of the best-promoted and most-talked about is Scrivener, but I’ve had a few friends comment that they’ve gotten very tangled up in it.

I’ve never felt the need for software, preferring instead to map out my characters and plots with homemade storyboards, outlines, and character lists. But, recently, I had a chance to visit an old friend who also writes, and I must say that taking a look at her choice, WriterWayPro, made me think it could be handy to use to keep track of the minute changes to background stories, traits, and other minutiae that can trip one up when describing a character’s car in Chapter Twelve that refers back to a description written months ago back in–wait, was it Chapter Two? WriteWayPro keeps track of such details for you, or, rather, it provides a neat and clean interface where you can enter such details for future reference. I liked it’s layout much better than her other purchase, WriteItNow. 

Here my friend Bobbie and I are taking a look at the software in her computer:


This is her assessment of the two brands of software that she tried:

“. . . I’m using WriteWayPro, just for keeping track of characters and the action (chapter outlines, notes and storyboard) because I was already about 100 pages into Randi’s story on MS Word. But since it’s a word processor program, next time I’ll try using it from the start.
I also checked out WriteItNow. They both satisfied my needs and were easy to use with my Dragon Naturally Speaking 13, but I preferred the “look and feel” of WriteWay. Both offer free trial downloads, and–probably because WriteItNow has extra features I don’t need–I found WriteWay easier to navigate. And at $35 compared to $60, the final decision was easy.”
If you want to know more about writing software, here are some links to help your research:



Or maybe you’ve tried some yourself? Please let us know in the comments below. Happy Writing! 

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