Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, June 20, 2016: Outlasting the Blue Meanies

I’ve been under attack lately from the Blue Meanies. No, not the band, the illicit drug, or the digestive disorder, but literally by the music-hating misanthropists of Yellow Submarine fame. 

Look at the photo below. Remind you of anyone? But The One Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned (Lest He Get a Thrill) is only a cypher, a stand-in for others who hate or can’t appreciate the beautiful music of being alive. Music like that reverberating in Pulse the moment before the world was shattered. 
Events like those around us now can really disarrange creative plans, and that is certainly the case for me. I’ve found it hard to concentrate, to produce what I’ve intended. So I’ve decided to turn and face the strain, as another rocker suggested. I’ll write myself out of this case of the Blue Meanies by writing about it. I don’t know if whatever I produce will see the light of day, but it will, if all goes as I hope, serve the purpose of letting me push through this cranial backlog so that I can get on with things, back to the projects I’ve been pursuing. If the product is worthwhile, so be it.

So those are my plans for the day. What are yours? Please share. Meanwhile, here, in the photo montage below, are some other reasons I’ve been facing the blues. I don’t want to forget them. Most of all, they are part of the reason to do what I do. 


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