Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, July 4th, 2016: The Season of Generosity

  What, me take a day off? If only my brain would. Alas, it pours out ideas at the least opportune times, such as in the middle of family dinner–a prime source of inspiration, family–or in the doctor’s waiting room. What if my calm, sensible doctor met my wildly dramatic cousin at a beachside bar? That sort of thing.

It’s hard not to be distracted I. This season of abundance–more daylight, more time to travel, and the berries! 

Nevertheless, I find it easier to write knowing I can squeeze in chores before or after, take my walks early or late, and still have time yo watch the sunset.
Today, I’m going yo be refining the plot of my next novel, as some big revisions need to be made. And in between, there will be time for good food, watching fireworks, and maybe even a movie.
Happy Fourth, you Americans, joyous summer to all in the Northern hemisphere, and love to all ! 


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