Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, July 18: Weather (and other stuff) Happens

Hi, All, 

Kansas weather in the summer is like a melting Popsicle struck by lightening. Kinsley, where I am at present, is the exact middle of the country, which means every weather system that is produced anywhere on the continent at least has an intention to make it thus far, and many do. 

This is my way of saying, today I am in fibromyalgia hell, and thus late with everything. In fact, I’m still in bed and I write you from my cosy sheets and blankets. (One of the side effects is I’m freezing in the middle of a heat spell.)  

 But I will STILL get hands on my manuscript today, and I urge you to do the same. Because that’s what successful writers do. We are the creative equivalent of the postal service: Gotta do it, no matter what. Or, you can take a tip from the crows, who have all that corn to steal, and never quit. 

Of course, now and then life throws us a curve, but if we’re ready to write everyday, we should be able to write MOST days. And that’s all we need to get things done.

Love and respect to you from the middle of the country. Now, ready, set, GO. 

Always, Glenda

2 responses to “Write With Me Study Hall, Monday, July 18: Weather (and other stuff) Happens”

  1. Bobbi Avatar

    Thanks for prodding me to get over my bleary-eyed excuse for skipping today–Randi has mixed feelings about 2 guys, altho she feels she has no control: it’s all up to the boys, and since one shows no sign of wanting to woo her she has to stick with the one who keeps asking her out. Ah, the 50s!
    Another 650 words, so I truly thank you for keeping on my case.
    Feel better soon, you brave warrior!

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  2. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Rahrah for Randi and you! Tough day, but I am on the mend, thank you. Two whole paragraphs, that’s how far I got, but that’s two paragraphs farther than yesterday.


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