Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, October 3, 2016: No Excuses! 

The cable folks are tromping around the house and moving their truck up and down the street and otherwise creating havoc, but 
I AM AT WORK! Show me your hands, friends; it’s so encouraging to have company on an irritating day like this. 

One response to “Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, October 3, 2016: No Excuses! ”

  1. Bobbi Avatar

    Besides the awful and awesome political scene churning my gut, in recent weeks I’ve been agonizing over killing off one of my characters. I finally had a breakthrough and am back on track, saving him for now but allowing for his eventual demise as well as adding a new dimension to Randi’s story.
    Had a good two hours today; can’t get over how easy it is (on a good day anyway) to spin a thousand words. I’m realizing I will end up with a much longer manuscript than I had anticipated, and I’m already thinking of where I can cut.
    Glad to know you are feeling well enough to be irritated at the havoc surrounding you.

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