In Praise of Career Politicians

Smart thinking, Susanna! Just what I’ve come to expect from you. Thanks.

From the Seasonally Occupied Territories . . .

mocha chipComing home from grocery shopping yesterday, I pulled in to down-island Cronig’s to see if I could find a few things that Reliable either was out of (stew beef and no-beans chili) or doesn’t carry (Brigham’s mocha chip ice cream — the best).

Tobias Glidden, independent candidate for state representative, was outside talking with voters and passing out copies of his position paper. I stepped up and said that although I was actively supporting Dylan Fernandes, the Democratic nominee (which had to be obvious because I was wearing Dylan’s sticker on my shirt), I’d liked what Tobias had to say at the candidates’ forum this past August. It was good, I said, to have two qualified candidates running. The district would be well served no matter who won.

As I headed into the store, he said, “You know, I’m not planning to run for higher office.” I laughed and said…

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4 responses to “In Praise of Career Politicians”

  1. Susanna J. Sturgis Avatar

    Thank you! Don’t you love the way WordPress decides to feature the mocha chip ice cream photo with the reblog? 😉


    1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

      Yes! I know there’s a way to choose the image that displays, but I often forget to do it, too, resulting in some pretty unfortunate choices. But this one, I like. It’s like a reward for reading.

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      1. Susanna J. Sturgis Avatar

        Ha! I didn’t know that. I’ve got to figure how to do it.


  2. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    It’s somewhere in the setup menu for each post, Susanna! Next time I remember, I’ll message you.


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