Monday at the Movies: No One Ever Gave Women the Right to Vote Edition

My friend, Sharon Gilligan, pointed out this incredible blog post to me, which says so eloquently why we must all vote, and vote for Hillary. For the ones who fought to give us this privilege, and those who could not join them. Vote. And vote for the woman. Think if we all had all done that for Shirley Chisholm, what our lives might have been.


Women weren’t “given” the right to vote.

Our great-grandmothers and grandmothers clawed it for us from the Patriarchy, one beating after another, one force feeding after another, one terrified night in a jail cell after another.  One wife threatening to tell what she knew, to never sleep with him again, to leave.  One mother guilt tripping her son, one sister calling in the childhood favor, one mistress swearing she’d go to the papers, one farmwife writing off the debt she couldn’t afford to write off and crediting it all to her great-great-granddaughters.

Here, at Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is thin, if you stop for just a moment, you can hear the women of your own blood calling out to you.  The women of your own line will talk to you:

I was too afraid to join them, but in my heart, I knew we deserved the vote…

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One response to “Monday at the Movies: No One Ever Gave Women the Right to Vote Edition”

  1. Susanna J. Sturgis Avatar

    I’ve been sharing this one too. It made me cry and laugh and feel once again that “the women united” will never, ever be defeated.


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