China Apocalypse

The world probably knows by now that I am disabled and a bit elderly. That is, I’m a walking disaster about to happen. My family treats me as fragile and that’s fine with me, as long as they also love me and fear my wrath at the same time. I have spent a lot of years becoming formidable, and I don’t intend to lose that attribute now.

Which makes it particularly annoying to have to spend a good part of every morning figuring out what I can and cannot do that day.

Is this a minor China breakage or a Lenox Apocalypse kind of day? How many things will I drop and can I bend to pick them up? And if someone else has to pick them up for me, will I accept graciously? Gracious is also what I aspire to be, but it can be a struggle when I feel like a doddering old lady—my, my, what an awful thing to be in our society.

To be old is to be irrelevant. Most cashiers in most big box stores know this. Their eyes are busy roaming the oncoming lines for someone they might like to talk to instead of the Grey Panther in front of them. I make an effort to be gracious, nonetheless.

One of my younger female doctors recently completed a checklist audibly. “Sexually active, no.“ You can imagine how much I enjoyed startling her with a robust affirmative. With a large smile, of course, because one must be gracious.

Today is a possible China apocalypse day, so I am lying in my armchair with the heat and massage built in and working up to slowly, oh, so slowly, unpacking my husband’s grandmother’s China. It will happen one plate at a time, with both hands.

Sometimes I dream of twirling, and running, bouncing on trampolines, riding horses—anything that would send my family into hysterics if I actually attempted to do them.

Then I handle the China carefully and am, oh, so gracious while I serve whatever I have managed to concoct for dinner. A simple affair these days. But what leads up to it is always full of drama.

6 responses to “China Apocalypse”

  1. Sharon Gilligan Avatar
    Sharon Gilligan

    Nice. I, too, am disabled but my good and bad days are not so much dictated by weather and other external elements. It’s mostly internal motivation or lack thereof. Sometimes due to availability of caregivers, I’m stuck in bed if the person they send is not familiar with the transfer board I need to get in my chair. Today was a “stay in bed and pay bills” kind of day.

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    1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

      I have those, too, although the bills usually put me to sleep before long! What about an adjustable table you can access from bed, if you have a laptop?


  2. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    That must be frustrating, Sharon. I know I find my stay-in-bed days very frustrating. And generally boring. I applaud your finding caregivers, I’m pondering what I will have to do in the next year in that regard. Any advice is much appreciated.


  3. mrscrotty Avatar

    Here I was thinking you were going to sort out US-China relations, but there you are sorting out mobility-challenges and your mother-in-law’s china. Nearly as precarious, but closer to home and twice as real.

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    1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

      Thank you, blessed Jane.


  4. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    I would never mention my mother-in-law and apocalypse in the same breath, Mrs. Crotty. How do you think I got to be formidable? ☺️


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