Study Hall, Tuesday February 15: My Book Shelf

What’s on your imaginary bookshelf?

Connie May Fowler has several volumes on my Inspiration Shelf.

I have several special bookshelves in my office. One holds my inspiration books, volumes by writers I admire, whom I turn to now and then to figure out a writing issue or to get ginned up on words in preparation for a writing marathon. Another special shelf holds all the lit mags and anthologies where my work has been published. One very special shelf is part reality, part imaginary—the place where my own books, those I’ve already written and published, and those I hope to publish in the future, reside. However, all those volumes have names:

My book shelf:

Eve’s Garden

Sa-co-in-ge/blue smoke: Poems from the Southern Appalachians

Bird Talk

Chocolate and Roses (also known as The Man Who Loved Chocolate)

The Fruit of Queens


A Journey of Moths

Weed Sugar and Other Stories

A Gypsy Poet Walked into a Coffeeshop

Mountain Girls Play Jazz

They’re not wholly imaginary. The first three are reality, already in print. Each of the others have at least an outline, while the last two are collections of poems ive published separately over the years, for which I’m now seeking a publisher. Weed Sugar is, similarly, a collection of short stories and hybrid forms.

I really want to know what’s on your bookshelves. Do you also keep an inspiration shelf? What’s on your future dream shelf?

This one’s a reality.

3 responses to “Study Hall, Tuesday February 15: My Book Shelf”

  1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Appreciate you all reading, so much! Let me know what you think when you can. Would love to know what you’re working on.


  2. judymgoodman2 Avatar

    Naturally, my fantasy bookshelf contains PUSSY CAT, my other 2 “finished” novels, LADY KILLER & THE BEATS GO ON, AND my finished memoir — whatever it’s called. (Saving its title for last!) Looking forward to reading your new ones, especially A GYPSY POET WALKED INTO A COFFEESHOP & MOUNTAIN GIRLS PLAY JAZZ! Great titles!


  3. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Thanks, Judy. It helps to know which titles work best. I would love to read your memoir. And all the rest. Let’s get these books out there!


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