When You Cannot Say a Word

let your work speak for you

Weaver’s Knot is going dark today due to the death of my grandson in a car crash. But we cannot be silenced! I am thinking of words to contain all this grief. What do you need to spill onto the page? Be well and love well until I’m back. As always, I want to hear from you—please leave a comment below.

2 responses to “When You Cannot Say a Word”

  1. Gamma Bear, aka Big Sis Avatar
    Gamma Bear, aka Big Sis

    I just wrote something quite profound, then managed to delete it (I’m on my iphone, so it’s easy to just touch the screen and >poof<). I guess that’s what I get for trying to let the words spill onto the page. You know how I feel, anyway, so never mind. Be well and remember that you are touched by such tragedy as well, when you are busy caring for others in their grief.


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