Study Hall, March 29, 2022

Had a wonderful meeting this morning with members of the European Institute for Roma Arts and Culture. It was excellent to place names with faces and hear wonderful ideas about integrating Romani artists (including writers!) into the mainstream culture to replace negative stereotypes about Roma, and about connecting elders to young people through traditional customs and artistry. So I am all revved up about creating today!

The dogs photobombing my happy birthday photo. Like my crown? I wear it often now (but only in my bedroom,)

Also, I am exchanging chapters of the new novel with one of my fairest and fiercest (You can be both!) critics, Linda. So good to read her latest and also get some respected feedback on my work.

What about you? What has you excited? Who helps move you along? Do you have a writing group or terrific beta readers to help vet your work? Talk to me, loves—then get to work! I’m always thrilled to hear from you!

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