Study Hall: April 5, 2022–Wordsmiths

Word games are a great way to start a writing session, especially at times when you don’t feel inspired. Pastimes like crosswords, word scrambles, and, yes, Wordle, can get us out of our everyday vocabulary and help jumpstart ideas. A favorite strategy of mine for such times is to make a list of nouns and verbs, then try to combine them into description without adjectives or adverbs. One of my favorites is the term ”jump master.” It’s vivid and provocative. There is a military designation using that term, but how about an eight-year-old jump master?

Wordle 290 5/6


Today I’m not feeling my manuscript, but playing around with words for a while may get me over my doldrums and into full scribe mode.

One of my early academic administrators, Dr. Dan Bern, called each of us on his grantwriting team “wordsmiths.” I love the idea that we’re crafting words through the crucible of inspiration into writing that soars, spins, serves. (There’s a reason they call political operatives “spin doctors.”)

Do you have a favorite word game that gets your writing dreams flowing? Drop me a line—I love to know about ways to cherish words!

3 responses to “Study Hall: April 5, 2022–Wordsmiths”

  1. judymgoodman2 Avatar

    Wordle looks too frustrating (like Sudoku!), but I do love the the others and some new (to me) ones I met at FB games. The Daily Word Puzzle is the bastard child of crossword puzzles and Word Scramble as is Zen Words, which comes with meditative, Eastern music to boot. The trick for me is to STOP PLAYING and START WRITING!I This is a wonderful creative-boost! Thank you, Glenda!


    1. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

      Wow, Judy, thanks for the suggestions (and the compliment)! I’m going to try Zen Words for sure and maybe the Daily Word Puzzles, too. Wordle isn’t too frustrating for me, but Quordle, where you have to guess multiple words at once—oh, my word!


  2. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Thanks for reading, everybody!


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