Writer’s block isn’t a major issue for me—maybe because I am always struggling to find enough time, what with health issues, family, and activism, to write all the stories going on in my head—but there are times when I know a particular character or plot point needs underpinning, though I can’t quite suss out what’s missing. I have two main methods to address these quandaries. One is to take a relevant workshop with a writer I admire. If I’m having trouble, say, with a particular character, I know that if I take a character framing workshop with a good writer, I will likely hear something that will help me round out the person in question.

I am having trouble with a beloved story that isnt getting quite the juice it requires. I suspect the issue is that my main character isn’t quite “bad” enough to show a really great learning curve in the story. So this month I’ll be taking a workshop on ”The Mighty and Flawed” from a very successful writer, Tommy Dean, author of the fiction books Covenants and Hollow, and editor at ”Fractured Lit.” Tommy is a pretty modest guy, so his workshops are “pay what you want”—irresistible to a senior writer like me. He has a bunch of short workshops coming up this month; check them out at https://www.tommydeanwriter.com .

My other method? It’s a writing prompt exercise I do now and then to spur my subconscious to write what my conscious mind won’t allow.

I’ll post a video of that prompt in a separate posting. In the meanwhile, happy writing to you!

4 responses to “Study Hall, April 12: When You’re Stuck”

  1. Judy M. Goodman Avatar

    Howdy Glenda, I’ll look into this pay-what-you-want guy. The problem I’m facing with my current project is thatI don’t want my it to be 300pp of what a jerk my brother used to be and how hard my parents tried even though they seemed to have mislaid the “parenting manual.” (Yes, I know most parents don’t know where to get it, but how do those precious few parents find it?) Naturally, the first draft may be just that, but I’m finding it hard to sit down to write because it offends me so much! I will write today, before 6 CDT. Maybe something will come to me.


  2. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Hey, you can always edit toward more universal truths, but sometimes you have to get the ugly down on the page first. I’m so familiar with that issue! I think you might like Tommy. Good luck!


  3. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Thanks everybody, for reading!


  4. Glenda Bailey-Mershon Avatar

    Thanks, everybody, for reading!


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