Language: What it does, and what it doesn’t

In honor of my friend, Judy Goodman.

Some recent developments of slang-into-common-vernacular I really dig.

Get a dictionary, ffs! Quill has plenty of them.

For example, I love the use of “curate” far outside the art world.

Q: “Did you choose all your sister’s shoes for her?”

A: “No, I just curated her collection.”

One I don’t love is “I can’t even.” While it’s accurate shorthand, and we all know what is meant, I find myself waiting for the other word to drop.

“I can’t even describe how that felt.” Of course, you can’t, you poor dear.

Another is the oft-used millennial-and-younger phrase, “I can’t adult today.” We all know exactly what that means and we all have those days.

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Language. Everything changes, yet everything stays pretty much the same in the academic and adult world of serious communication. Still, slang is what gives us timeliness and a sense of the era.

This era is maybe, like, I don’t know—like seriously incomplete?

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