My Attempt at Prose Poem and Telling You

Okay, here’s my attempt at using Jane’s poem as a model. Notice that although it doesn’t have the same subject, it uses her methods:

Begins with “Let me tell you”;

Follows with brief statements of “fact” or informed opinion;

Uses metaphors in the midsection (mountains, trapdoors, monsters, fangs)

Ends with more statements of “fact” or informed opinion.

Here’s my poem:

Don’t Give in to the Pain!

I’ve taken this down so that I can submit it to journals. Thanks for reading!


–Glenda Bailey-Mershon

I’m glad to have written this.

People who don’t know chronic pain often say meaningless things to me, words of advice that do not apply. It’s complicated to try to reply with good manners. A poem doesn’t care if you’re polite or not!

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