Look at this lovely

Prose poem

Night Terrors in America
by CJ Evans

If I were to try, I’d begin with awe, with iron core, mantle, the oceans full of secretive things. Land just a glimpse of skin, deliciously unblemished.Then closer: ferns and fjords and sliding glaciers. But I’d end up leaning in to trace walls, borders, touch a finger to the men practicing their sicknesses and landmines. Scratching topsoil to lever out the hydrogen bombs and gas chambers they’d have history’s dirty mirror forget. I still don’t want to leave my want for this place behind. If I were to try again: whales, white spiders in caves, and all those simple stones that carry no trace of us.

“Night Terrors in America” by CJ Evans from LIVES © 2022 CJ Evans. Used by permission of Sarabande Books.

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