About Me

Glenda Bailey-Mershon

Writer, Speaker, Unabashed Grandmother


Glenda Bailey-Mershon is the author of the novel Eve’s Garden (Twisted Road) and the poetry collection, Weaver’s Knot: Poems (Finishing Line Press, forthcoming 2023) as well as the chapbooks sa-co-ni-ge/blue smoke (Jane’s Stories) and Bird Talk (Wild Dove). Her essays and short stories have been published and anthologized and might soon end up in collections. She is the founder of the Jane’s Stories anthologies and one of the founders of Jane’s Stories Press Foundation, which grants the annual Clara Johnson Award for Women’s Literature and provides grant, award, and publishing opportunities for women writers.

In other eras, she owned a feminist bookstore and a small press. And, once upon a time, she managed political campaigns and led a 10,000-woman-strong organization. She still loves politics. And pie.
Her website for more permanent postings can be found at http://www.glendabaileymershon.com. Please also see http://www.janesstories.org.


You can find Glenda on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and wherever people talk about books, food, tea, and politics.

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