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  • In Which I Gnash My Teeth

    I’ve seen this quote in various forms and on many images passed around as quoting Ruth Bader Ginsburg. No! It wasn’t she, but Sarah Grimke, the Southern suffragist and abolitionist, who said this, way back in the 19th century. The entire quote is: “I ask no favors for my sex. I surrender not our claim […]

  • Why are we allowing our children to live like this?

    Today I read a Twitter post from one of the parents of a murdered Robb Elementary students that just about broke me. I wrote about it for The Bluebell Campaign: There is still time for you to become one of the first 1000 signers of 5ne petitions to require universal background checks and ban […]

  • Congratulations to Allison Adelle Hedge Coke !

    A friend of this blog, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, is on the long list for the National Book Award in Poetry! Congratulations to Allison and all the other longlisters! Coffee House Press’s promotion of Allison’s searing and poignant collection, Look at This Blue, includes the following: “Truths about what we have lost and have yet […]

  • Rebound

    Ed and I first got Covid on August 25th. There went our trip to Italy. After a rough start, we didn’t have too bad a time of it, mostly fatigue, sniffles, and some continued stomach troubles for me (Because my stomach is always ready to rumble!) After a week of that, we both tested negative. […]

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  • Screaming Meemies

    I hadn’t planned to post until after September 1, when I should be happily crossing the Atlantic Ocean on the Queen Mary 2, on my way to take my dear husband to see art museums and sites in Italy, a trip we’ve saved for many years and postponed twice as Covid raged. I also didn’t […]

  • Taking a Break

    Weaver’s Knot will be on break from now until about September 1.

  • Toni Morrison says:

    You need intelligence, and you need to look. You need a gaze, a wide gaze, penetrating and roving — that’s what’s useful for art.

  • You’re Never Too Old to Be in Kansas

    You’re Never Too Old to Be in Kansas

    You’re never too old to learn.

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