Balancing Male and Female Traits, or Merely Being Human?

That still seems to be the question.

I was intrigued by the article below, particularly its definitions of how a woman would know if a man were “really” a feminist. (Do some men truly pretend? Yes, I suppose that has been the case for some years now. I remember a man who felt the need to lecture me in the 90s that we women “shouldn’t blow” the legality of abortion–as if he and perhaps other men had somehow gifted it to us!)

But I am a bit thunderstruck at the suggestion toward the end of the article that some women are reluctant to talk about their feelings. It makes me want to exclaim, “Oh, dear, that isn’t what we meant at all!”

What do you think? Has the pendulum swung toward female “cold fishes?” Is it swinging still? And, if so, where would you like it to be?

Here’s the article. See what you think.

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